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Regular Ongoing studies on AUTISM are presented from AAF in Scientific sections in INDIAN ACADEMY OF PAEDIATRICS to view the reports visit,AAF is a memiber of the ongoing Multisentric research study on AUTISM in the Northeast India along with Monvikas Kendra Kolkatta(Genetic Research Wing).

1. Profile of 38 cases of AUTISM.

Application of learning styles of children of AUTISM to assist in cognitive development.

3. Pattern of seeking professional help by parents of children with AUTISM.

4. Development of Social Emotional dimensions of Children with AUTISMt through play activities.

5. Serotonin transporter promoter variants: Analysis in Indian autistic and control population (Brain Research,ELSEVIER Publication.

6. Evidence for Association of Reelin Gene Polymorphism at 5'UTR with AUTISM in the Indian Population (American Journal of Genetics, June 2006).

7. Lack of Association of HOXA1 and HOXB1 variants with AUTISM in the Indian Population.- Psychiatric Genetics (The Journal).


  Understanding of Autism

Editor Dr. Shabina Ahmed

Reviewer Merry Barua
From being considered a condition that rarely manifests, to the growing awareness of its prevalence, as well as the growing media focus on Autism, pediatricians increasingly feel the need to inform themselves of the condition. In  recent times the courts too have taken an interest in ascertaining what manner of medical and educational services are being provided to the Autism Community. As Dr Naveen Thacker notes: “Pediatricians need to create the optimum support system for parents by placing the issue in its proper perspective so that there is no unnecessary intra-professional exchange of these cases or pursuing alternative therapies, and prevent delay in initiating management.”


                Much of the information that pediatricians need are perhaps available from various sources not least of which is the all-pervasive Internet: whether it is to do with diagnosis, assessment, or management. However, with the extremely busy schedules that most pediatricians must keep, and the range of conditions and diseases and current developments that they must keep abreast of, a single source for some basic information on autism is a very welcome move. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics under its Childhood Autism Program has come out with a handbook ‘Understanding of Autism,’ edited by Dr Shabina Ahmed. Dr Ahmed has brought together eminent names from the fields of Developmental Pediatrics, Psychiatry, etc, as well as practitioners from other fields, to cover a wide range of topics in the first multi-author comprehensive book on autism for the physician.

               The chapter authors have covered topics such as neurobiology and neuroplasticity, as well as typical development and red flags, for the busy pediatrician to note in their day today practice. The book also provides information on assessment and management both educational and medical. Since the pediatrician must often play the role of support and guide to families, the book will aid them in providing much needed support and referral to families coping with a diagnosis of autism in their child. 
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