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1.    Therapeutic Day Care centre which starts at 9:30am upto 1pm. 5 days a week.All educational requirements are met

2.    AAF is involved in the awareness of Autism in the society since 2004 through public meeting, and print media

3.    AAF beleive in a Toxic Free Environment. with this goal in mind, we regularly make paper bags to remove plastic bags since 2005, through self-help group

4.    AAF contributes in research and dissemination of knowledge
- Through contribution in its research and understanding
- Research centre assissting interns in their project work on Autism. Our students comes from various institutions in Guwahati

5.    Parent Counselling and advocacy

6.    We have Yoga, Art, Music Classes.


1.   We are the pioneering organization working exclusively on Autism since 1998.

2.    Our experience with over 1000 children has given us incite into the different types of learning and variability of the condition.

3.    Our centre is supervised by a Developmental Peadiatrician with 25 years of experience with children of Autism.

4.    Our consultative team of various disciplines with trained teachers comprise our staff.

5.   Child student ratio is one to one initially, then introduced to group teaching.

6.   Our teaching style is mainly on Developmental Approach, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Discrete Trial Teaching and latest methodology of Evidenced based naturalistic teaching so that children get an applicable knowledge.

   Our teaching is multidimensional with Technology based and multiple props.

8.   Our Speech and Communication development is technology is technology based

Regular assessments are done with parents participation.


1.   First Centre in North East

2.    First multiauthor book " UNDERSTANDING OF AUTISM" was published and authored from our centre

3.    First Bilingual book "DEMYSTIFYING AUTISM" published and authored by AAF

4.    Celebrating Autism Day on April 2nd since its inception in 2007

5.   Served as National Convenor of a programme of Indian Academy of Pediatrics "Programme on Childhood Autism" in 2007

6.   Served as a member of the Consus Committee of the "Guidelines of Autism Spectrum Disorder" for the Indian Academy of Pediatrics in 2017

   Collaborated in a multicentric study on Autism with Mon Vikash Kendra Kolkatta since 2007

8.   We are spreading awareness of Autism in print media since 2000 till date

We are the first in collaborating with Assam State Disater Management Authority, Government of Assam in developing Disaster preparedness for differently abled children and the book was developed in BRAILLE

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