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We have a regular functioning day care rehabilitation centre which starts at 9am up to 1pm 5 days a week. The rehabilitation centre addresses the individual needs of the child. The education process is an open learning system addressed to the learning style of the child and focused basically on their functionality. Rehabilitation services are given in a very congenial atmosphere and well trained staff with innovative methods.

AAF believes A Toxic free environment with this goal in mind, we make paper bags to remove plastic bags and we hold awareness meets on these issues

Services Offered

1.    Child development Centre-addressed in individual & group system.

2.    Physio Therapy.

3.    Speech Analysis Lab. with Speech Therapy.

4.    All Educational requirements are met.

5.    Parent Counseling and Advocacy.

6.    Regular Community Awareness Programmes are undertaken.

    Out Reach Programmes.

8.    Home Based Programmes.

Resource Centre.

10.  Training and Research.

  Early Diagnosis of Hearing Impairment and Rehabilitation.

12.  Customized Ear Moulds.

13.  Self- Help group (Kreative Hands)

  Publications & Research.

15.  Art Theraphy.

16 . Music Therapy.

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