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We, the parents, feel from the core of our hearts that AAF under the able and dynamic guidance of Dr.Shabina Ahmed is doing yeoman’s service in this field of humanity. Words fail me to express my sincere gratitude to all her co-workers and others and to each of whom we owe more than we can possibly express because they are selflessly rendering services to these children’s suffering from Autism. We pray to the almighty to shower blessings on Dr. Shabina Ahmed and her team of dedicated workers and give them strength and patience to nurture and cater to the needs of these children’s so that they become meaningful citizens of our country in future.
- Mr. Rajasish Dutta, PARENT

It’s impalpable with words to describe my experience in this organization. We are running after perfection of our life, but these kids are born perfect. I am blessed to be here. I would love to volunteer again. It is an amazing place to learn as well as work “ FLY HIGH AAF”. Carry on the incredible work!
    - Devaleena Talukdar, Psychology Student, (Amity University (Mumbai) INTERN      
With pleasure, I would like to note the services offered by the organization to the students with Autism and the commendable progress made by it. I hope for greater success of the organization in future.
    - Mr. Palash Ranjan Gharphalia, Commissioner for Person with Disabilities, Assam      
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